She makes the greens and violets sing; you can hear a symphony of blues and reds. Her art is a bursting of colors and seems to be sprinkled by the sun. Influenced by nature and its structures, its meanders and connections, her imagery takes pleasure in presenting her as a stage director who always uses the same actors, each day in different costumes. Her approach draws upon an intense inspiration from the Trees which belong to the immediate and instinctive man’s environment. In her art, it symbolizes an atmosphere or particular feelings.

Born in Montreal, she undertakes a scholar in classic piano and eventually a bachelor’s degree in visual arts. In her life, painting and music are the perfect duo, she moves from one passion to the other and her creativity is inspired when she sees the music and hears the painting.

She has participated in several exhibits, in Quebec and Switzerland. Her work can be found in several private and corporate collections throughout Canada, the United States and Europe. Since 1997, media coverage about her is found in national newspapers, the Magazin’Art directory, national television and radio. She has coordinated many artistic events where her originality combines singing, writing, music and visual arts as found in her oneiric art.

She proclaims joy and optimism based on material, music, words and sensibility. She composes a hymn to color on the chromatic keyboard of color pans and tubes. Her imaginary stirs up nature’s charms and the tones release the emotion. Her wish is that each of the windows she opens becomes a celebration to your eye, that each of the color poems inspires you to enjoy life.

My goal was not to make a canvas in a pompous sense but a picture where to hang a dream.